Teacher's Favorite School Snacks

Teachers have to eat too you know
Snacks for Teacher

Put the doughnut down. Teachers: fuel your day with these foods!

Sure, an apple is a great snack for any teacher, but while an apple a day may keep the doctor away, there are only so many times that a teacher can eat an apple in a week. To keep up with a classroom of rambunctious kids, you have to eat energy-boosting, delicious snacks that will fuel your day and keep you focused. The last thing you want is a snack that will make you sleepy in class! To help you survive a day of educating our youth, here are some great snacks to keep in your desk.

Of course, you’ll want to hide them so your 30 classroom rugrats don’t try to snatch and snack them, but we digress...

Greek Yogurt

"With an average of 11 to 14 grams of slowly digested protein per 5.3-ounce container, [Greek yogurt is] one of my favorite energy breakfasts. And snacks. And desserts," Power Hungry’s Camilla Saulsbury says. It’s great to add to smoothies and is also perfect for stirring other energy-boosting foods like nuts and seeds into, as well.

In the fall, you can snack on seasonal pumpkin seeds and in the spring, go for sunflower. Keep them unsalted for a healthier bite, but go ahead and munch on these treats if you need a little boost!

The potassium in a banana can help fuel your afternoon. Head to the teacher’s lounge and make a quick smoothie that you can enjoy while you teach!

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Article contributions by Anne Dolce.