Tax-Friendly Wines to Help You Celebrate (or Mourn) Tax Day

You'll need some wine to distract you from the pain

Whether you’re getting a refund or you’re paying the government today, you’ll need wine to celebrate or drown your pain. We thought we’d distract you from the possibility of taxes by introducing you to wineries you may not have considered, chosen by us based on the level of state taxes their residents pay.

Zero State Income Tax

People living in Washington, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska don’t pay state income tax and they all, believe it or not, have wineries. Most interesting to us is that Alaska is a producer. A few wineries there make fruit wine, but ALASKA DENALI WINERY makes grape wines, including a riesling ice wine.

Affordable Wine From a Zero-Tax State

WOODINVILLE WINE CELLARS Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Columbia Valley, Wash.) $18

This medium-bodied, creamy white with citrus flavors pairs well with paying taxes.

Highest State Tax Rate

If you live in Oregon, Hawaii, or Vermont, you feel it the most in your paycheck each week, as these states have the highest income tax rates. It’s likely you’re familiar with Oregon wines, but did you know Vermont and Hawaii produce wine, too?

It’s true: Hawaii has more to offer than glorious beaches, luaus, and life-altering sunsets. The state has a few commercial wineries as well. The aptly named, VOLCANO WINERY on the Big Island produces wine from the symphony grape, which they describe as a cross between muscat of Alexandria and grenache gris. The winery also makes guava wine and other fruit wines.

Affordable Wine From a High Tax State

LANGE Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2011 (Willamette Valley, Ore.) $24

Lange is known for its high-end pinot noir, but this fruit-forward offering with a bit of spice is a more affordable way to enjoy wine from the region and winery and will help get your through the trip to your accountant.

Lowest State Tax Rate

The lowest state income tax in the country is a nice reality for those residing in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Bucks County, Pa., is a lovely drivable weekend retreat from either Philadelphia or New York. Its wine trail is a scenic way to spend an afternoon.

Affordable Wine From a Low Tax State

TIGER MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS Rosé 2011 (Georgia) $15

Georgia’s Tiger Mountain Vineyards in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been recognized by critics and has picked up a couple of awards as well. This rosé is perfect post-taxes to prep you for the summer days about to arrive, and is priced right for tax time.

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