Tavern on the Green Officially Opening in April

This is what the dining room of the old Tavern on the Green used to be. We can't wait to see what the new interior looks like.

When the Central Park landmark, and one of New York’s most famous restaurants, Tavern on the Green, closed in in 2009, no one was too surprised, given its gaudy interior and the fact that the restaurant’s heyday in the 1970s and 80s had long-since past. But now, Tavern on the Green has been given new life, and will officially re-open on April 24th with a dinner preview menu by Jim Caiola and David Salama of The Emerald Green Group, as well as chef Katy Sparks who will be taking the reins in the kitchen. There will also be a Mother’s Day weekend May 10th & 11th, and a full grand opening on Tuesday May 13th.

Their mission? To bring Tavern on the Green into the 21st century by making the picturesque spot on West 66th and Central Park West relevant to young diners again and, according to the restaurant group: make their menu “contemporary, dynamic and accessible, allowing the quality of the seasonal ingredients and cooking to take center stage.”

They’re bringing in the big guns to make sure Tavern sticks around this time: Broadway set designer John Lee Beatty and architect Richard H. Lewis pitched in to transform the space. Guests are greeted by the infamous large red canopy, and a 110-seat garden. Once inside, one should be reminded of “a grand mansion one might find on the property of an Italian villa or a historic Hudson River Valley manor.”

Grab your reservations now for the newest incarnation of Tavern on the Green.

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