A Tapas Party Playlist

What to play when hosting a Spanish-inspired cocktail party at home

You’ve made the tapas, readied the sangria, chilled the Albariño, and set out a spread of Spanish cheeses. Now all you need to do to transport your guests from your home to the streets of Barcelona is to put on some classic flamenco favorites.


Castaña — Manitas de Plata 

Amor, Amor — Marìa Salgado

Por Los Olivares "Fandango" — Sabicas  

Madronos — John Williams 

Un Momento en el Sonido — Vincente Amigo 

Nana — Ojos de Brujo 

Seis Sevillanas — Sabicas

Tanguillos — Pepe Romero


Tarantas — Manitas de Plata