How to Build the Perfect Spanish Cheese Plate

Five choice quesos with delicious complements for your next tapas party

A generous, artfully-arranged cheese plate is often the highlight of a cocktail gathering. Make it a solely-Spanish selection with these classic cheeses and signature garnishes:


Manchego — Probably Spain’s most famous cheese, it’s mild and smooth, and made from sheep’s milk. Serve along with a bit of membrillo, or quince paste, a slightly sweet and fruity confection the consistency of thick gelatin.

Idiazábal This sheep's milk cheese has a subtle smoky flavor. Serve along with quartered chunks of piquillo peppers and toothpicks.

Cabrales — Every cheese plate needs a blue cheese; this one is piquant, creamy, and thick-textured. Serve along with thin slices of jamón serrano.

Tetilla — This buttery, soft cheese is made from cow’s milk. Serve along with crisp and salty Marcona almonds.

Cabra al Vino — Mild, sweet, and fruity, this semi-firm goat’s milk cheese’s rind has been soaked in red wine. Pair with thin slices of fig cake and serve on crisp crackers.

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