Taillevent Restaurant: Timeless French Cuisine

Timeless French Cuisine

Opened in 1946, Taillevent Restaurant in Paris has since been awarded three Michelin stars and opened a location in Lebanon.

According to Zagat Guide, Taillevent has an excellent wine list and private rooms upon request. Touted as one of the most friendly, timeless, and elegant restaurants in Paris, restaurant-goers can’t offer enough positivity regarding the food and service, from the sommeliers to the waiters.

Some of its most popular dishes are blue lobster bisque, salmon with dill rémoulade, and duck foie gras, and for dessert, pistachio mousse, crepes with lemon and orange sauce, or a rich cappuccino to finish off the meal.

The lunch menu is also popular, coming in at 82 euros a person, not including drinks, but provides four courses with options in three of the four. Despite growing and extensive popularity, their staples of modernity and tradition have not faltered. Though expensive, diners rarely regret an experience at Taillevent.