Taco Bell to Reveal Next Doritos Locos Taco via Snapchat

Jane Bruce

Taco Bell's romantic 'snap-by-snap' short film will reveal the next Doritos Locos Tacos flavor.

Taco Bell has big plans to unveil its next flavor of its Doritos Locos Taco, which will be available in May. Like McDonald’s before it, Taco Bell will be revealing the new menu item through Snapchat. Leading up to the MTV Movie Awards, Taco Bell will update its loyal customers via Snapchat Stories, in “the first ever snap-by-snap live film.”

Snaps will begin Sunday morning, and will build a short Taco Bell-centric romantic comedy starring director and ‘digital marketeer’ Jason Zada and fans of Taco Bell.

Zada is perhaps best known for the viral OfficeMax holiday campaign “Elf Yourself” and “Take This Lollipop,” a short horror film about the need to protect young children while they use in the internet.

Watch the film as it happens, beginning Sunday morning, April 13th, on Snapchat stories by adding “tacobell” on Snapchat. The full film, which will reveal the next flavor and its arrival date, will be available on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.    


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