The World’s Priciest Big Macs Are in Switzerland

Big Mac Index says Swiss people are paying the most for Big Macs

The Economist released its annual comparison of global Big Mac prices, and once again Switzerland is on top.

McDonald’s restaurants, and therefore Big Macs, are everywhere, which means it's pretty easy to compare prices between countries. Every year, The Economist looks at global currency value and purchasing power by comparing the prices of Big Macs in various nations to see which currencies are the most overvalued. This year, Switzerland came out on top.

According to The Local, Switzerland has the highest-priced Big Macs in the world. Today, the Swiss Big Mac costs the equivalent of $6.35, while in the U.S. a Big Mac costs $5.06. According to the Big Mac Index, if the exchange rate between the Swiss franc and the U.S. dollar were 1.28, the burgers would be priced the same; the real exchange rate is 1.02 Swiss francs to the dollar.


The Economist also offered an adjusted index that accounted for labor costs, in which case the Swiss Big Mac would just about equal the U.S. one. Brazil tops the adjusted index by a wide margin at $5.12, overvalued by 66.6 percent.