Swiss Restaurant Accidentally Serves Drug-Laced Meal to Teen

A popular Swiss restaurant accidentally served cannabis

Wikimedia/Johann Jaritz

A Zurich restaurant's pearl barley with mascarpone and hemp accidentally hospitalized a teenager. 

Gourmet marijuana meals and tasting menus laced with cannabis are trendy culinary experiments in places where that sort of thing is legal, but customers in those cases usually know what they’re getting into. This week a teenager in Switzerland had an unexpected marijuana meal of his own when a mixup at a trendy restaurant led to him being served a meal spiked with THC.

According to The Local, the teenager was dining at Zurich’s poplar Kaufleuten Club, where he was enjoying a vegetarian dish of pearl barley with mascarpone cheese and Graubünden hemp by chef Pascal Schmutz, when suddenly he fell ill. The boy was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, in his system.

The teenager’s parents blamed the restaurant, while the restaurant proclaimed its innocence and suggested that maybe the teenager had smoked the THC. But lab tests revealed the restaurant’s pearl barley dish contained excessive THC levels, and it was determined that the restaurant’s hemp had not been intended to be sold for commercial use.


No one else who ate the pearl barley had any ill effects, but the restaurant said it had removed the dish from the menu and replaced it with homemade pasta with truffles and mushrooms.