How to Make a Gourmet Meal with Edible Marijuana

New cookbook from High Times combines cannabis with yummy eats

Just in time for the stoner holiday, 4/20, the pot publication High Times releases its cookbook High Times Cannabis Cookbook to the delight of college kids everywhere. After all, what are you supposed to pair with pot wine?

The cookbook doesn't just feature the traditional pot brownie; the recipes include gourmet eats like Vegan Cannabis Carrot Muffins, Wake and Bake Egg Nog French Toast, and Granny's Ganja Smoked Mac and Cheese. Smokers looking for meldibles are gaining a refined taste, says cookbook author Elise McDonough said to East Bay Express. She said, "Fatty and sugar-laden keeps well on the shelf in dispensaries... I want people to think beyond that."

McDonough shared her tips with East Bay Express and The Huffington Post for how to successfully cook with the "herb," and revealed the following advice:

• Infuse oils and butters with cannabis. The intro of the cookbook teaches how to do so, because molecules in cannabis easily dissolve in fats and oils — making cannabis cooking a cinch.

• Go dried, not fresh. Fresh pot leaves will leave a grassy taste in your food, says McDonough.

• Don't go overboard if you're new to cannabis cooking. "Low and slow," McDonough advises: low on the dosage ("and wait a bit to see how it effects you") and slow-cook and simmer the cannabis.

• Try it in chocolate and peanut butter. Those are McDonough's picks, who says the cannabis "pairs really well" with the ingredients.

Now we're just waiting on Jonathan Gold's write-up of the recipes.