Thieves Make Off with More Than Four Tons of Coffee

Thieves in Sweden somehow carried off 4.5 tons of coffee
coffee beans


Some caffeine-loving thieves in Sweden made off with more than four tons of coffee worth more than $59,000. 

Some mornings it feels like there is not enough coffee in the world, and now there is even less, because some very bold thieves have somehow made off with more than four tons of coffee. [related]

According to The Local, the dastardly deed occurred in Sweden, where some strange men loaded up a truck with more than 8,800 pounds of coffee packs originally intdnded for a Coca Cola company in Norway, where it would have been sold under the popular “Chaqwa” label.

Company employees reportedly noticed some strange men loading up a truck and asked what they were doing there, at which point the men said “Adam” had let them in and they had just finished loading up their truck.

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It was pretty bold of the thieves to plan that sort of caper right in the middle of the factory with staff members walking about, but the workers reportedly knew something was off because there was no one named Adam working at the company. As soon as they knew they were caught, however, the thieves sped off in the truck with the coffee, which police estimate was worth $59,000.