Surprising Milk Alternatives to Pair with Cereal

Ever get tired of using the same ole’ boring milk with your cereal everyday? Sure you do. With a whole plethora of drinks and liquids out there, why just use milk when you could use, well, something better? Drink up these milk alternatives to liven up your boring cereal morning.

Fruit Loops and watermelon vodka

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I mean, these loops are already sweet of course, but why not turn up the fruity volume and get drunk while doing it?

Honey Nut Cheerios and straight-up honey

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So this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t eaten Honey Nut Cheerios with honey (no milk) then you haven’t really lived, obviously.

Special K and water

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Special K is all about losing weight, so it makes sense to replace milk with water to really get your diet fad on. Besides, who needs Vitamin D, anyway?

Frosted Flakes and Red Bull

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Okay, so we all know Tony the Tiger is super pumped up, right? Well, I theorize that it’s because their secret recipe is mix the flakes with Red Bull (or another energy drink) while eating, instead of using milk. Try it and you’ll be grr–eat!

Rice Krispies and Coffee

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If the Frosted Flakes and Red Bull still aren’t doin’ it for ya in the energy department, try Rice Krispies with coffee for your next 8am class. You’ll be amazed by the way the cereal and coffee mixture really snaps, crackles, and pops you into shape before class.

Lucky Charms, marshmallow vodka and Sprite

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Oddly specific, I know. But the Lucky Charms’ marshmallows will go perfect with the marshmallow vodka; add the Sprite and you’ve got a bonafide cereal cocktail.

So, are you ready to try your new milk alternatives? If you do try them, expect to look and feel like this:


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Because… APRIL FOOL’S!

Brick LOL

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Don’t actually eat cereal with vodka, okay? Happy pranking!



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