Super Bowl XLVII Brings More Than Football to The New Orleans Community

The spectator event will bring other initiatives to the city

New Orleans has been gearing up for months in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII, which the Southern city will be hosting for the tenth time this year. The 2013 game will tie New Orleans with Miami for the most Super Bowls held in their respective cities. And while New Orleans’ team, The Saints, aren't in the running this year, it doesn't seem to have put too much of a damper on the city’s football spirit. In addition to the much anticipated game, New Orleans will also be hosting a bevy of community outreach events, ranging from environmental initiatives to youth programs. In all, there are more than 30 events that will take place leading up to Super Bowl XLVII. Take a look at handful of things the NFL is doing to get ready for the big day and to help the New Orleans community in the process. The National Football League is putting on their game face this year and bring a host of events to the city of New Orleans. From community conservation efforts to health initiatives, the Super Bowl is striving to do a world of good using the game.