Stumptown Coffee To Open Los Angeles Location

Staff Writer
The popular Portland, Ore.-based roasters will soon be making its way to California

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Los Angeles will soon be getting a quick burst of energy, Pacific Northwest style.

Stumptown Coffee, a popular Portland, Ore. coffee roasting company, has recently acquired a space in the “Napa Valley of Coffee in LA.”

The roasters recently purchased a space in the Los Angeles Arts District that will join its small chain of stores in New York City, Portland, and Seattle. The space is a “nifty white brick building” with large windows that look out onto Sante Fe and 7th Place, according to Eater.

While the company has acquired the spot, it's still in the early planning stages, according to Eater; construction is still occurring in the building. But, the company is already starting to build up an L.A. staff, listing jobs for everything from baristas to head roasters.

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The space is a perfect fit for the company, said Tyler Stonebreaker, "real estate mogul to the coffee stars," in an interview with on Sprudge. The Arts District is like the “Napa Valley” of coffee in LA, thanks to lots of space, great zoning conditions, old buildings with signature architecture and a supportive community, according to Eater.