Study Finds LGBT Groups Drink, Eat, and Party More

Brand consulting agency Target [10] released a survey showing that gay men and lesbians drink and eat better

In a study that seems to reinforce positive LGBT stereotypes, marketing company Target 10 has released a nifty infographic showing LGBT groups drink more, eat out more, and attend more concerts than their straight counterparts.

A breakdown of the numbers: Seven out of 10 gay men and eight out of 10 lesbians have dined out in the past year, compared to five out of 10 straight men and six out of 10 straight women.

Furthermore, LGBT folk are more likely to enjoy food that is "presented as an art form," and are also more likely to enjoy trying foreign food.

As for the booze, the study notes that "not only are gays and lesbians more likely to consume certain types of alcohol, they're also likely to consumer larger volumes of that type of alcohol." As SF Weekly notes, the LGBT movement all started at bars (notable: the Stonewall Riots), so this may just be a continuation of history. Nowadays, LGBT drinkers drink more vodka, cordial, and liquers than straight drinkers (although everyone, predictably, drinks beer and wine).


When cooking at home, however, gay men (57 percent) more than any other group cooked "for fun" in the past year; they are, however, second to last when buying organic produce. Check out the full stats at Target 10.