Streetz American Grill: Totally Awful

Totally Awful

This was VERY disappointing. We went on a Friday around 5pm, and there was hardly anyone in the place. We ordered a variety of things from the menu. I had a New York Coney dog, Fries, and Chocolate Shake. The overall quality of the food seemed very cheap (but the price wasn't!). I've had a real "NY Coney dog" and this didn't taste anything like it. The bun bun was flat, almost stale, and the "coney sauce" tasted like someone opened a can of the cheapest Hormel chili and dumped it on the dog, along with some runny processed cheese. Overall, it was gross. The fries were "homemade" but they were luke-warm and limp. Someone else in our group had the Gyro, and said it was ok, but nothing special. We all had shakes (some chocolate and some had vanilla) and they all had big ice chunks in them. Cheap ice-milk shakes that was surprising for the price. This restaurant's tag line is "Great Street Food", but unfortunately it was NOT. I've had awesome street food from all over the world, but this stuff tasted like street food that was found in the dumpster. And the hardest part to swallow was that the bill for 5 of us was $43 bucks! Cheap quality food that is way overpriced.  Go to Culver's or Sonic instead.