Stockholm's New Food Truck Serves Airport Food

The 'Arlanda Food Truck' is touring the city, giving samples of dishes served at the airport

The "Arlanda Food Truck" serves airport food around Stockholm city.

A new food truck is touring the streets of Sweden’s capital Stockholm, serving a curious type of cuisine: airport food. Launched by Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, the truck is set to showcase the different foods and restaurants that can be found at the airport. Within the recent years, Arlanda has expanded its selection of restaurants and cafés, and the food truck will allow people to familiarize themselves with the new food offerings. The menu includes dishes such as ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon, truffle risotto, and vegetarian lasagna.

Going by the obvious name "Arlanda Food Trucks," the project is a new way of bringing the airport to local residents. To find out where the truck stops, people can follow it through social media pages, such as Twitter and Instagram. The truck will be roaming the streets of Stockholm until the end of September, with a possible extension or re-launch if the project is shown to be successful.