Stellar Drinks for Your Oscars Party

Hosting a party for the 2014 Academy Awards? Be sure to serve one of these glamorous refreshments

Gold flake-rimmed cocktails? Perfect for the Oscars.

We’ve never been invited to the Oscars, so we wouldn’t know what it’s like to slug through a liquid diet for five days in order to squeeze into a custom-made Oscar de la Renta gown (we’d imagine a mixture of thoroughly horrifying and mind-blowingly delightful), but for we commoners, The Academy Awards is the ultimate combination of Hollywood’s glittery glam with the coziness of your apartment.

Stellar Drinks for Your Oscars Party (Slideshow)

If you’re hosting an Oscars party this year, you're going to need some serious drinks, and we've got you covered: the sweet, the sour, the effortlessly elegant: just like the visages you'll be witnessing on the red carpet this year. 

You might even want to invent and play an Oscars drinking game with your friends.

Our suggestions? If you want to get a little buzz on, take a sip every time someone in the room whispers reverently, "Lupita Nyong'o looks fabulous in that gown," Jennifer Lawrence makes a charming off-hand comment about something mundane that makes you want to hug her, or a very serious-faced presenter calls Gravity "groundbreaking."  Trust us, you'll be feeling the Oscars frenzy within a matter of minutes.

If you want to boost the game another level, drink every time Cate Blanchett's cheekbones make you feel a deep-seated pang of jealousy, Christian Bale looks sharp (but also slightly predatory) in a suit, and just finish your drink if any one of the actresses looks as fantastic as Jared Leto during his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

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We've got everything from shots to sippers and a good wine to boot (in case mixing and stirring seem like too much effort). So tune in, sit back, sip, and enjoy.