9 Easy Steps to Starting a Supper Club

Host you own series of dinner parties with seasoned advice from a pro

Have you always wanted to start a supper club? Whether you’re bringing together friends or looking to make new ones, there are lots of things to consider when beginning your own. We’ve put together some simple tips, along with advice from a seasoned supper club host, Kara Masi, to get you started.


1. Choose your style. Ted and Amy’s brings people together for a restaurant-style meal or cooking class. Other clubs are monthly gatherings of friends where the host (and where the party takes place) rotates. Will your meal be themed, like a potluck, or will there be an educational or take-home element, like a soup-exchange or cooking class?


2. Decide on who is hosting and who is cooking. At Ted and Amy’s, Masi did both the hosting and the cooking when she was getting started, but as you are the one opening your home to guests, it need not always be the case. The host can supply beverages while all or some guests can be in charge of cooking or bringing food.


3. Who are your guests? For some, you may already have enough people who you want to invite. But expanding your list of regular guests can be as easy as asking your friends to bring friends, or by putting up a note at your local gourmet food shop or farm stand. You might also want to consider if you want only couples or just men or women in attendance.


4. Communication. Determine in advance how menu and event notices will be distributed to members. Will you use email or phone? Who will be in charge of notifying everyone and managing the calendar of events and RSVPs? It is easier if one person acts as the contact person.