Starbucks to Test Powermat Wireless Charging

Thanks to a partnership with Duracell Powermat, Boston Starbucks locations will be a part of the pilot program

This will come in especially handy for those affected by Hurricane Sandy and left without power: a new pilot program at Boston Starbucks locations will test-drive wireless charging for its patrons, thanks to Duracell Powermats. Yep, those dog days of fighting for outlets for laptops, cellphones, and tablets are over for some. 

Starbucks' chief digital officer Adam Brotman tells that Starbucks plans on building the Duracell Powermats into the tables, making them easy accessible for patrons. Said Brotman, "Customers are coming into our stores every day with mobile devices, and putting them down on the table. If they could be charging their device at the same time, then we've connected with that customer and met their need, maybe even before they realized they had a need for wireless charging."


Of course, to be able use the Powermat you need your own special accessory; but Starbucks plans to loan them to customers and even give some away in in-store giveaways. Bostonians can check the list to see which three stores will get the technology first, but 17 stores are in the works to get the Powermats. Now, can we ship some of  these Powermats to our friends affected by Sandy?