Starbucks Russia Riles Up Customers with Ad Campaign

A sneaky campaign turns every cup of coffee into a Starbucks logo (and pisses off competitors)

An ad campaign uses Starbucks coffee sleeves to piss off its competitors.

Dear Starbucks, we already know you're the leading coffee giant in the world so is it really necessary to take your competitors' cups and turn them into Starbucks cups?

Buzzfeed found a sneaky ad campaign from the Starbucks Russia stores, launched by ad agency BBDO. The agency has new postcards, featuring the Starbucks logo, stocked in local bookstores and fashion shops, which customers can turn into a Starbucks coffee sleeve. Said a release from BBDO, "We came up with a very simple idea with postcards offering customers of other coffee shops a chance to 'upgrade' their takeaway coffee cup to an iconic Starbucks coffee cup." Sneaky, indeed. We're sure that's making local coffee shops really happy. 

Huffington Post points out that Starbucks didn't open in Russia until 2007; there are now 57 stores in the country. We're curious how this ad campaign is helping the Russian brand. 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/Achim Hepp/CC 4.0)