Starbucks, Restaurants Most Popular On Social Media

Looks like food and drink brands are dominating the online social world. According to a report "PQ Media/uberVU Top 100 Brands in Social Media Worldwide 2013," restaurants, beverage brands, and tech brands make the biggest splash in social media.

The report ranked the top 100 brands, which together had 56.7 million social media mentions in the latter half of 2012, and restaurants, beverages, and technology generated more than 70 percent of the social media mentions.

In contrast, personal care and household brands only generated 7 percent of the social media conversations.

In fact, restaurants alone had 33.4 percent of the social media mentions, with Starbucks, Burger King, and McDonald's sparking at least 2.3 million mentions each. Starbucks just slightly beat out the other two media food moguls as the number one social media food brand, with 2.4 million media mentions.

In contrast, Apple and Google won the technology sector with 2.5 million media mentions in the latter half of 2012.