Starbucks Raising Prices Tuesday

The cost of that latte is going up Tuesday morning

Starbucks is increasing the price of some of its drinks starting Tuesday.

Complaining about the cost of one’s morning Starbucks run is about to get even more fun, because the cost of that Grande, extra hot soy latte is going up on Tuesday.

According to Gothamist, Starbucks announced the price increase on Friday.

Grande and Venti drinks will be subject to price hikes of 10 to 15 cents for coffee and 15 to 20 cents for lattes and mochas. The price of bagged Starbucks coffee in supermarkets will also be going up by a dollar a bag.

The specific amount of the price hikes will vary based on the stores' locations.

The price hike is likely connected to a drought in Brazil that increased coffee prices earlier this year. Other coffee purveyors including Kraft and Smuckers have already increased prices to compensate, and Dunkin’ Donuts is reportedly considering price increases of its own.

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The food options at Starbucks will not be getting price increases, nor will the tall drinks or the iced coffee. That part is convenient, because it’s iced coffee season anyway. Maybe by the time fall rolls around everyone will have forgotten what their winter coffee order cost in the first place.