Starbucks to Open Evolution Juice Stores

New Evolution Fresh juice stores planned, plus pre-packaged juices to hit stores

Starbucks is taking over the beverage world, or so it seems. With the release of their new energy drinks last week, the Refreshers, the recent acquisition of San Francisco-based bakery La Boulange, and plans to open dedicate Tazo Tea shops, it may look like the ubiquitous coffee chain already has enough on its plate. But that’s not stopping them from planning to expand their fresh juice offerings with three new Evolution juice stores slated to open in the coming year.

Evolution Fresh is Starbucks’ attempt to dip its toes into the juicing and healthy-living trend that has blossomed in recent years. Last year, the coffee company acquired the juice brand in a $30 million deal. They’ll be opening stores in San Francisco and Seattle in addition to the one already open in Bellevue, Wash., where the company is based. They’re also planning to offer a variety of ready-made drinks, so you’ll be able to grab some carrot juice with your coffee order even if you aren’t on the West Coast. Evolution Fresh offers a variety of beverages, from fruit juices and smoothies to vegetable juices and gourmet lemonades.

The question that remains is how Starbucks’ target audience will respond to these healthy offerings. Are the people ready to guzzle a green juice heading to the green mermaid for the beverage fix? It will be interesting to see how the American coffee-drinking public responds to grabbing a fresh juice with their regular 'Bucks purchase.