Starbucks Offends Irish Twitter Followers

Starbucks made a Twitter faux pas

The Starbucks Ireland Twitter account made a gaffe to its followers.

While Starbucks made big headlines with its La Boulange purchase, the coffee giant was in hot water with its fans across the pond.

Business Insider and the Guardian report that a social media gaffe offended many of Starbucks' Irish Tweeps. The Starbucks Ireland Twitter tweeted out to its followers an invitation to its Frappuccino Happy Hour — and then asked them to show "what makes you proud to be British." Whoops. 

The Twitter handle's near 2,000-strong following reacted immediately, with tweets like "the ie [in his Twitter handle] stands for Ireland, awaiting the apology before I visit your stores again!!" The Starbucks Ireland posted an apology a few hours later, saying, "We erroneously posted to our Irish Twitter page meaning to post to the U.K. only. Customers in Ireland: We're sorry." The company later made a statement saying the tweet was meant for British fans in honor of the Queen's Jubilee.

Not the biggest error a corporate tweet can make, but still — the coffee giant may need to hand over a few more Fraps for an apology.