Starbucks Plans to Take Over Europe, Too

Of course, this means those Europeans will be getting fancier and better coffee shops


Today, The New York Times has a hefty article about why America's favorite coffee shop is not doing too well in France: "It’s impersonal, the coffee is mediocre, and it’s expensive," one Paris resident said.

Now, all of that is true in America, too, but it seems like Europeans aren't buying into the hype. The company has reportedly never turned a profit in any of their French stores, so now they're planning on spending millions of dollars on a revamp.

Brits, it seems, are happy with lattes and takeaway coffee, so there will be seeing drive-thru Starbucks all around Britain (serving those lattes with a free extra shot of espresso). French coffee drinkers prefer espresso, and think Starbucks espresso is too charred, so Starbucks has whipped out its handy Blonde roast.

Then, they have concept shops to draw in customers, and the company is planning to add more to the 1,700 Starbucks stores across the country. Next thing you know, we'll have Starbucks serving Frenchified versions of the frappuccino; McDonald's certainly Frenchified its burgers.