Man Pulls Gun on Barista to Save 75 Cents on Coffee

A Starbucks customer thought his gun entitled him to a special discount
Starbucks drive-thru

Wikimedia/Johann Balleis

A Starbucks customer pulled a gun on a drive-thru employee to get 75 cents off his coffee order. 

Starbucks does not offer a discount for waving a weapon at its employees, but last week a Georgia man thought he could bully a drive-thru employee into giving him cheaper coffee by threatening the man with a gun. The man should not be surprised to find himself facing charges, and he did not even get his discount.

According to Patch, a Georgia man named Ray Hunter Shortridge drove up to the drive-thru window of his local Starbucks on Monday and asked for a refill on his coffee. The employee at the speaker told Shortridge that his order would be $2.25 and he could get it at the window. Shortridge reportedly did not like the idea of paying $2.25 and told the employee that the coffee should cost $1.50. The employee says he told Shortridge that $2.25 was the correct amount, at which point Shortridge said, “We’ll see about that once I get up there.”

When Shortridge pulled up to the window, he had a pistol pointed right at the employee and said, “The price would be $1.50, correct?”

Somehow, the barista at the window did not dive or run or even give in and let Shortridge have his 75-cent discount. He calmly told the man pointing a gun at him that the coffee cost $2.25, and asked Shortridge to take his finger off the trigger.

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Shortridge drove away without his coffee or his discount, but the employee got the license number and called police. Shortridge now faces charges of aggravated assault for trying to hold up a Starbucks with a gun for 75 cents off his coffee.