Starbucks Coffee Teams with Google for Music Service

Google and Starbucks announce new in-store promotion
Wikimedia Commons

Starbucks teams up with Google.

Google Play Music All Access, a new innovation similar to Spotify or Pandora, will give customers complete access to a library of songs and audio tracks, according to the search engine's Google+ page.

Sounds cool, but what’s even cooler is that Google has partnered with Starbucks to launch the music service. On June 18th, the Google Play page announced free Play Music All Access streaming to customers at a Starbucks store via an advertisement across the music page.

Google was not the first to pair up with this coffee company. Apple teamed up with Starbucks in 2007, offering free song cards to Starbucks drinkers in the store.


Google Play Music All Access is currently free to everyone as part of a 30-day promotion, after which it will be going for $7.99 a month (if you sign up by June 30th). Some may say this is a high price to pay, but others may say that the $3.00 price of a cup of Starbucks is an even higher one.