Starbucks Introduces Coffee Vending Machines for the Office

Self-serve Starbucks kiosks take over offices

Starbucks and Selecta, a European vending machine company, are going to introduce a Starbucks vending machine for office spaces in Switzerland, starting this fall.

There’s no doubt that Starbucks is everywhere. With a café on every street corner and bags of coffee in every grocery store, one might think that there’s no one place Starbucks has yet infiltrate.  Even your office will soon be Starbucks' domain.

Starbucks plans to team up with the European self-serve coffee company, Selecta, to install coffee vending machines into Swiss offices starting this fall. They’ll be offering three different models: the mini-table top coffee maker (it looks like a Keurig), a stand-alone floor model, and an integrated, corner-coffee machine. The drink selections, which will be just as customizable as they are in the store, will range from the classic latte to hot chocolate and tea.

Starbucks opened its first store in Switzerland 10 years ago and currently boats 50 in the country. If the product is successful in Switzerland, Selecta may bring it to other European countries and possibly the US. Costa, a prominent UK café, has had a great deal of success with its Costa Express machines that debuted last year. It’s just another step closer for Starbucks to say that they truly are everywhere.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/d'n'c/CC 4.0)