Starbucks and McDonald's Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season

It's pink season in Japan where most everything--including Mcdonald's burgers and Starbuvks drinks--are pink and cherry-flavored.

In Japan, restaurant chains are “thinking pink” during this time of year. It’s early spring and that means it’s time for Sakura Matsuri, or the cherry blossom festival, around the world and most notably in Japan and Washington, D.C., where cherry blossom trees are around every corner. Starbucks and McDonald’s have kicked it up a notch by offering exclusive, limited-offer pink, cherry-flavored products for their franchises in Japan, including the Sakura white chocolate Frappuccino and Sakura white hot chocolate from Starbucks, and the Sakura burger (complete with pink bun), cherry frappé and mocha drinks from McDonald’s.

The Starbucks drinks are dyed light pink, and feature a white chocolate flavoring; they are topped with white chocolate shavings designed to look like cherry petals, and strawberry powder. Starbucks Japan is also offering cherry chiffon cake and cherry macarons for the occasion. 

McDonald’s has jumped on the pink blossom bandwagon this year as well, offering their usual spring Teriyaki burger with an egg and pink mayo on top, and now featuring a pink-dyed hamburger bun. Plus McCafé will be offering Sakura frappés and mocha drinks throughout the season.


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi.