Stadium Food Power Rankings: Week 17 Recap

Updates on The Daily Meal's quest to find out which NFL teams have the best stadium food

At the end of the regular season, we have ten wins and six losses in our predictions.

You may have heard, football and food lovers, of our Stadium Food Power Rankings series, the battle to find out which NFL teams have the best stadium food. Instead of a coin toss, we flipped burgers. Instead of flags, we counted health code violations. And instead of referees... well, there was us.

Each week we featured at least one marquee matchup of two NFL rivals. Prior to game day, we assessed the food offerings available at each team's stadium, measured them against a select list of criteria, and decided which franchise did a better job of keeping their fans satisfied… gastronomically speaking.

At the end of the regular season, our results matched up with the games' ten out of sixteen times. Here's the breakdown:

(Win) Week 8: Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans
(Win) Week 9: Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals
(Win) Week 10: New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons
(Loss) Week 10: Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings 
(Win) Week 11: Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(Win) Week 11: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
(Loss) Week 12: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets
(Win) Week 13: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens
(Loss) Week 13: San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams
(Win) Week 14: Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks
(Loss) Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns
(Win) Week 15: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
(Win) Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins
(Loss) Week 17: Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers
(Loss) Week 17: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
(Win) Week 17: Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys

With the regular season now at a close, this is our plan. We're going to rank each stadium, determining our own ultimate winner. We're also going to the rank most outrageous food, the most mouth-watering, and well, whatever else we deem appropriate to rank. And don't forget, the Super Bowl is fast approaching, and we won't be lacking in food and drink coverage—highlighting everything from party recipes, to where to eat, drink, and watch, to the skinny on New Orleans for both enthusiasts, and those who want nothing to do with football. Basically, we will have everything, so don't go too far. 

And don’t forget to give us feedback! We judged based on the following criteria, and we take these matchups seriously: Unique Items/ Variety/Presentation; Cleanliness/Preparation/Health Code Violations; Allergy-Minded Options; Healthy/Organic Options; and Most Popular Items.


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