Stadium Food Power Rankings: Indianapolis vs. Tennessee


Week 1 of our Stadium Food Power Rankings takes a look at LP Field (pictured) and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Instead of a coin toss, we're flipping burgers. Instead of flags, we're counting health code violations. And instead of referees... well, there's us. The Daily Meal is thrilled to kick off its newest series, Stadium Food Power Rankings, a battle to find out which NFL teams have the best stadium food.

Each week will feature a marquee matchup of two NFL rivals. Prior to game day, we will carefully assess the food and beverages available at each team's stadium, measure them against a select list of criteria, and decide which franchise does a better job of keeping their fans satisfied… gastronomically speaking.

This week, our story covers Sunday's showdown between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. Each of these Midwestern houses of pigskin mayhem has been measured against:

  • Unique items / Variety / Presentation
  • Cleanliness / Preparation / Health Code Violations
  • Allergy-Minded Options
  • Healthy/Organic Options
  • Most Popular Items

Both teams work with Centerplate, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, when it comes to food services at their stadiums. So to ensure the menus we reviewed were up-to-date, representative of their total offerings, and sourced accurately, we spoke with one of Centerplate’s specialists. We also took to Facebook and asked fans to vote on which stadium they preferred. 

Which team prevailed?

After comparing both teams' options, consulting with fans and food experts alike, we have concluded that the variety — and quality — of options at the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium ever so slightly surpass those offered by the Tennessee Titans at LP Field. Thus, if stadium food has any effect on a teams' game day performance, Colts fans have nothing to worry about this weekend! 

So what gave Lucas Oil Stadium the win?

While they ultimately came out on top in every category, the Colts had a few offerings that really shone.

Unique/Most Popular Items

For starters, the Eisenberg Black Angus hot dogs (yes, we’re talking steak hot dogs), homestyle pot roast sandwiches, and chili varieties created for the Homegrown Concessions partnership with Farm Aid had mouths watering here at The Daily Meal. One editor was even seen beneath her desk, discreetly trying to book a flight to Indy for the next home game. The editor, who has requested anonymity, received a dozen error messages after typing "Pot Roast Sandwich" into the destination field on Orbitz. We immediately called a cab and had her rushed to the nearest Arby’s. (Photo courtesy of Centerplate).

Another drool-inducer was the "walking taco," which, in case you aren’t familiar, entails a crushed bag of Doritos with taco fixings thrown in. Feel free to pause for a moment and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. This dish was added to menus at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2011 and has been one of their most popular items since. 


For dessert, fans can enjoy some Blue Bell Ice Cream, which is pretty much like sewing your own ribbon to break through when you win the race, because if the aforementioned feast didn’t convince us, this did.