Lucky Waiters Win Lottery Twice

Three waiters won the lottery twice in two weeks
Lottery tickets

Wikimedia/Bartosz Senderek

Three waiters in Spain were pleasantly surprised to win the lottery at Christmas, and then really surprised to win another lottery two weeks later. 

Winning the lottery is the kind of stroke of luck that comes around once in a person’s lifetime, if that, but three waiters in Spain reportedly won the lottery twice in the past two weeks.

According to The Local, the three waiters were coworkers at a restaurant at the Hotel Bahía Serena in Andalusia who pooled together to buy lottery tickets as a group. They were pleasantly thrilled to have purchased a winning lottery ticket on December 22. That made a nice Christmas surprise. But then, two weeks later, they discovered that they had the winning ticket for another lottery as well.

All three waiters reportedly turned up to work as scheduled even after winning the lottery. The three of them reportedly won a total of about $1.3 million to split between them, and they plan on continuing to work their waiter jobs as though nothing had happened.


"We are not going to give up work," the wife of one the winners said. "But it will help plug some holes and leave us something to give our children."