Spaghetti-Flavored Popsicles Come to Japan

Japanese ice-poppopsicle-maker Gari-Gari Kun will soon be making spaghetti-flavored popsicles filled with jellied tomato sauce

Sorry pasta popsicle fans! Gari-Gari Kun is only sold in Japan.

Has anyone ever looked at an ice-pop and thought, “this is great, but I wish it tasted more like pasta?” Apparently, popsicle company Gari-Gari Kun (which means Crunchy Boy in English) did because the popular Japanese ice-pop-maker will now be making a “Neapolitan” spaghetti-flavored ice-pop complete with jellied-tomato sauce filling, according to Japanese pop culture blog, Kotaku.

But before you think that Gari-Gari Kun has gone off the deep end, the company is no stranger to weird ice-pop flavors. Last year they released a potage (thick stew-like soup) flavor, as well as a rice cake and bean paste flavor last year. The image has made its rounds on the Internet, with some Twitter users and bloggers claiming it’s fake (it’s not!), and some saying that it’s just a gimmick.

Besides the bizarre flavorings, Gari-Gari Kun is actually really popular in Japan: it’s a candy-shell coating filled with flavored syrup and shaved ice, and also comes in normal flavors like pineapple, strawberry, and cola. 


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