Spaghetti Doughnuts Are the Latest Food Hybrid Out of Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Pop Pasta invented the spaghetti doughnut and nothing will ever be the same

Brooklyn's Pop Pasta invented a spaghetti doughnut, and carb-lovers everywhere are going to be very, very happy about it.

After the burger/burrito and the croissant/doughnut, one might have thought that the world of food hybrids was out of ideas. Now, however, the carb-loving geniuses at Brooklyn’s Pop Pasta have made a doughnut out of spaghetti.

According to Today, the spaghetti doughnuts were first spotted over the weekend at Smorgasburg, the famous food market in Brooklyn.

Pop Pasta invented the spaghetti doughnut by combining cooked spaghetti and sauce, then baking it in ring-shaped molds until it is firm and crispy. That means the spaghetti doughnuts are not sweet at all, but they are a pretty clever way of making a spaghetti lunch into a convenient, hand-held snack. They can be eaten hot, cold, or room temperature, and they are also a much less messy way to eat spaghetti for lunch at work or for a picnic.


The spaghetti doughnuts are available in several flavors including classic red sauce, aglio e olio, Bolognese, and carbonara, with more flavors to come in the near future.