South Beach Burger Bash Quiz Slideshow


At how many different venues has the Burger Bash taken place in South Beach?

Answer: Just one. Each year the Burger Bash has been held at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

What is the only restaurant to have competed in all five of the South Beach Burger Bash events?

Arthur Bovino

Answer: Shake Shack is the only restaurant that will have competed in all five South Beach Burger Bash events.

Which five Food Network chefs will have participated in all five Burger Bash events in South Beach?

Answer: Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Morimoto, Jose Garces, and Ingrid Hoffman.

Which three Top Chef contestants will have participated in the five Burger Bash events at South Beach?

Answer: Howie Kleinberg, Stephanie Izzard, and Spike Mendelsohn.

For which four chefs is the 2011 Burger Bash their third time participating at South Beach?

Arthur Bovino

Answer: Bobby Flay, Morimoto, Michael Schlow, and Tim Love.

How many Judges' Awards have there been at the South Beach Burger Bash events?

Answer: Just two — in 2009 (Spike Mendelsohn) and 2010 (Michael Symon).

Who are the four People's Choice Award winners from 2007 through 2010?

Answer: The People's Choice Award winners have been: Michael Symon (2010), Spike Mendelsohn (2009), Michael Schlow (2008), and Shake Shack (2007).