Sophie Does Story Time on New York’s Upper East Side

A colorful menu tailored for a kid’s afternoon on the town

Last week we introduced you to our newest fabulous contributor, Sophie. This week, we’re talking about her wonderful reading on the Upper East Side hosted by chic mom web site Elizabeth Street, where the treats were just as fashionable as the attire.

Little boys in bow ties and little girls in brightly hued headbands turned up to hear author Kelly Florio Kasouf read her inaugural children’s book, The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City: All in a Day’s Work, at a boutique on Madison Avenue. 

A balloon maker, a face painter, and a photographer — oh, my? — made for a perfect kid’s party scene (one that could definitely be recreated in your own home). While guests waited for Kasouf's reading they munched on mini sprinkled doughnuts, banana and Nutella crust-less sandwiches, and candy-colored macarons, and downed sippy cups filled with juice. How fitting, right?

When Kasouf finally sat in the grand reading chair, giant pillows in what seemed like a million hues scattered the floor for the mini Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf look-alikes to plop on. 

She cracked the front flap and began to read the wonderful journey of Sophie’s whirlwind adventure to find her dad in the magical world of magazines. The children's eyes were wide and mouths were agape, and the room was silent as she spoke. 

At the end of the story, Kasouf asked interactive questions about the book, which the young audience eagerly answered. Up next for Kasouf is the follow-up, Grand Central Escapades, which is sure to be as much of a hit as the first book.

Take a nod from Sophie and throw your kids their own story time soirée — themed mini treats and drinks as well as a comfy environment for both kids and adults will make your party a hit!