Sony's New VAIO Collection Gets Stunning Red Treatment


The color red has been a status symbol for years now, reaching from fashion and style to luxury cars. Whether you drive a Ferrari, have a favorite tube of Chanel lipstick, or treasure those Christian Louboutin heels in your closet, red is a reflection of class and affluence. The trend has now reached the world of electronics with Sony's brand new VAIO | red edition collection, surfaced with eye-catching red gloss and released in limited numbers.
"Sony has a tradition of designing products built on passion and innovation," says Pedro LaFarga, SVP, Sony VAIO & Networked Products Division. "The new VAIO | red edition is the ultimate in superior PC technology and ensures VAIO users truly experience a level of quality that exceeds expectations. Nothing matches the inspiring look and sheer presence of Sony VAIO Red."
The VAIO | red edition brings everything you already love about the Duo, Pro and Fit models, and adds an attractive shade of red — achieved through many different layers of paint, individually applied and hand-polished. Lastly, high gloss is given using a durable protective UV coating that offers depth and dimension. Beneath all that color is carbon fiber and aluminum, making these portable laptops durable and lightweight.
The collection offers tech fans fast performance in the form of Intel Core i7 fourth generation processors, 512GB storage and 12GB memory. According to Sony, as the first notebook PC on the market that has a high speed PCIe SSD drive, these computers give a faster performance than more traditional SSD drives. The red edition also features convenient perks, like a full-pitch and backlit keyboard, and a track pad. Artists out there will appreciate the ArtRage Studio software included (the Pro version can be found only on the Duo model), allowing anyone to create their own videos and movies.

Sold exclusively through Sony starting today, the VAIO | red edition ranges in price from $1,999 for the Fit 15 to $2,999 for the Duo 13 model.