Soda Is Cheaper Than Water at Brooklyn's Barclays Center

As Jay-Z and Kanye might say, 'that sh*t cray'
Barclays Center

Sure, brisket hot dogs and handmade Rumbador's PB&J chocolate bars beat peanut M&M's and dirty-water dogs any day in our book, but while Brooklyn's Barclays Center has the food menu down pat, they might want to work on the drinks menu.

Ryan Sutton of The Bad Deal (and Bloomberg's food critic, super important info) snapped a shot of the menu board at the newly opened arena, and it turns out that a regular water is $4.50, while a regular soda is $4.

Of course, the soda size complies with the new (not-yet-in-effect) law that caps soda sizes at 16 ounces. HuffPo notes that for $4.50, you get 20 ounces of water; $4 gets you 16 ounces of soda. But still, not many people do the math when they're super hyped up at a Jay-Z concert; they're just trying to stay hydrated for the least amount of money. So really, not good incentive to get the water, guys.


In related news, does anyone have extra tickets to Jay-Z this weekend?