Snooze: When Breakfast Is The Best Option

When Breakfast Is The Best Option

While San Diego is highly populated with all different types of food businesses, never before has there been a restaurant solely devoted to breakfast and brunch food.  Snooze, an “A.M. eatery,” offers patrons the best breakfast or lunch experience with the tastiest ingredients hand-picked from local farms, designed to give them an energy boost for the beginning of their day. Established in 2006 by Jon Schlegel, Snooze allows diners to personalize their breakfast experience to make it the most memorable.

Snooze’s menu is definitely one that won’t put you to sleep. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, Snooze’s dishes provide everyone with a plate to their liking. They specialize in their creative renditions of classic breakfast dishes. For example, they have five different ways to make eggs benedict, like the caprese benedict with ripe tomatoes and pesto served with fresh mozzarella and a balsamic drizzle on poached eggs all topped with cream cheese hollandaise sauce. If you’re looking for pancakes, their tastiest ones are sweet potato pancakes with homemade caramel, pecans and ginger butter, or s’mores French toast with peanut butter fluff, chocolate and graham cracker crumbles. 

While you can drool over the menu for hours, you won’t be bored with this restaurant’s environment. The restaurant has a casual, “retro-future” energy with an artistic décor: brick walls and weird ceiling match the modern furniture that diners can comfortably relax in while they wait for their food. Reviewed warmly by various publications as well as winning awards like the Whole Grains Award and Mayor’s Design Award, a diner’s experience at Snooze will be anything but dreary.