Snackshot Of The Day: Salt Water Taffy

The Daily Meal's editors, contributors, and readers dig into some pretty great restaurants, festivals, and meals. There's not always enough time to give a full review of a restaurant or describe in depth why a place, its food, and the people who prepare it are noteworthy, so Snackshot of the Day does what photographs do best, rely on the image to do most of the talking.

Today's Snackshot is of a taffy-pulling machine. Taffy is made from a mixture of sugar and butter (or vegetable oil), plus various flavors or colorings. Taffy is typically fruity, but can also come in flavors like caramel or butterscotch. Salt water taffy originated in Atlantic City, N.J., and has become a popular treat for tourists in coastal towns. It comes with the added entertainment of being able to watch the taffy being stretched on a taffy-pulling machine.

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