S'Mores Dips You Need to Try

Your summer isn’t complete without these tasty s’mores recipes
S'Mores Dips
Kris Schoels

It isn't summer until you've had a s’more!

Campfire cooking rules dictate that at least on s’more must be made if a fire is burning. Ok so we made that up, but it should be a rule because s’mores are delicious. The crunchy graham cracker exterior and the ooey gooey insides are like heaven in your mouth. What can make them even better? Turning them into a functional, shareable dip of course! Whether you are looking to cook on the fire, or come prepared to enjoy some pre made dips before you settle down, you have to check out some of these inventive and delicious recipes!

Campfire Skillet S’Mores

This is sweet and oh so warm and gooey. Try to let them cool off, grab a spoon, and dig in.

S’Mores Pudding in a Jar

The flavor combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow is a widely-known favorite, and this recipe demonstrates that it can be enjoyed in more ways than just as a stacked sandwich eaten alongside a campfire.

Coors Field ‘S’mores Nacho”

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The Aramark chef at Coors Field in Colorado knew that nachos were a fan favorite, but what about for dessert? This sugary version of topped tortilla chips is a hit with the kids and the adults.