Smashing Watermelons in Slow Motion Looks Ridiculously Cool

And like a lot of fun. Who has a giant hammer?

The Slow-Mo guys may have broken a watermelon with a ton of rubber bands, but this guy just uses a sledgehammer, which makes him at least 10 times more awesome.

Introduced by an amazing poem about all the proper tools of a kitchen (all of which you don't need, according to master smasher Gallagher), this video shows him doing everything you need to do in a kitchen with a Thor-like hammer. Open a watermelon? Check. Pop open a beer? Done.

It's a mock ad for the "the handiest and the dandiest kitchen tool ever seen," which is even handier when set on fire and smashing everything in sight. "It's not a slicer, it's not a dicer, it's not a chopper and a hopper, what the hell could it possibly be?" Gallagher narrates. "Now wasn't that quick and easy? Applesauce in an instant." It's sledge-a-matic. Watch all the visual fireworks below.

Gallagher in Slow Motion from FCTN on Vimeo.