Slow Mo Guys Break Apart Watermelon with Rubber Bands

Instead of using a boring old knife, they used 500 rubber bands

From the guys who brought you the hypnotizing video of popcorn popping in slow motion, here is a video of three watermelons bursting from the pressure of billions of rubber bands, all in slow-mo. And it's pretty amazing.

Past viral videos have proven that enough rubber bands can cause a watermelon to burst open (especially if it's ripe). So keep this in mind the next time you forget a knife at a picnic, since everyone should be walking around with 500 rubber bands in their pockets. Right?

Of course our favorite method of dealing with a watermelon sans knife is to find a really big rock with an edge to throw it against, but this is infinitely more entertaining since you never know when the watermelon is going to burst. Just imagine playing Jenga with friends, but with food and a super-expensive camera.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.