Road in Norway

Wikimedia/Piotr Malecki

Slaughterhouse Truck Spills Guts All Over Road

A truck accidentally spilled an entire cargo of animal guts on the road
Road in Norway

Wikimedia/Piotr Malecki

A slaughterhouse truck accidentally spilled its very grisly contents all over a nice Norwegian road. 

A terrible road accident in Norway turned drivers’ stomachs this week, because even though nobody was hurt, hundreds of pounds of smelly animal guts being shipped from a slaughterhouse were spilled all over the road.

According to The Local, a trailer in Norway was loaded up with up to about 440 pounds of raw animal intestines from a nearby slaughterhouse when it took a turn too quickly through a roundabout, the back door flew open, and all the offal poured out onto the road, much to the distress of the cars following behind.

Police were called about a “trash” problem on the road, but they say nobody bothered to tell them that they were about to find out how sausage gets made. Once they got sight of the piles of intestines, the police called the Norwegian Public Road Administration to tell them it was their problem. They were not pleased.

"It has created problems for us, because there is a lot of it, and the smell is horrible", an engineer with the NPRA complained.


The offal reportedly covered more than 220 feet of road, and caused traffic delays as well as pinched noses for several hours before it was successfully tidied up.