Sin-Care Serums: Skincare For Life's Little Transgressions


Skincare is one of those things you learn from your mother growing up. You watched her wash twice daily, slather on cold cream, and apply strange colored serums from delicate glass bottles. Now that you're the one in the mirror primping, moisturizing and trying to keep aging skin at bay, you might have a few of your mother's old favorites in your skincare collection; it's most likely mixed in with new serums containing breaking cellular technology to fight the oncoming years. While slowing the chronological aging process on a cellular level is great, what is your lifestyle doing to your skin? Are the long nights at the office, days at the beach and the "occasional" stress relieving cigarette doing anything for that youthful complexion you're working so hard to keep? Australian based skincare line Sin-Care is addressing these problems—directly. With a different serum based on every vice, these concoctions are concentrated on solving some of life's little problems that show up on your skin.
The packaging is a little fun, and takes itself much less seriously than most beauty brands. Retro images of pin-up girls and 50's housewives give the boxes an "I am woman hear me roar" vibe that could almost make your skincare routine enjoyable. The bottles are Italian glass and have a pump dispenser which takes the guesswork out of how much product you'll need, so you're not going though half a bottle of serum in a month (something I confess I am horribly guilty of) or using too little for it to be effective. About 2-3 pumps should cover your face, plus you can easily mix serums to create your own skincare concoction.
Sin-Care offers nine different "Sins" for whatever lifestyle imperfections you find yourself reluctant to admit you have. Smoker's Secret, Sun Goddess, Sugar Hit, Relaxation Sensation, Sleep Doctor, Skin Coach, Line Rewind, Party Girl and Urban Renewal are tailored for use alone on the skin or mixed together for an individualized cocktail. The serums work on any skin type and are gentle for use every day and around the delicate eye area. Made from natural ingredients such as herbs, antioxidants, yeast and algae, they have all been relentlessly tested for their effectiveness against each transgression.
Designed to be used on any age type, Sin-Care creator Kimberley Pearson wanted to offer products that were customized to a woman's life, not just her age. "The formulators of even the most expensive creams do not know if you're a smoker, if you are going through a divorce, if your run every day, or if you're a new mother not getting enough sleep." Pearson says, "I don't think that age means a substantially older appearance. Sin-Care targets the 'forgotten half' of aging—lifestyle choices. So much dedicated research has gone into chronological again, but treating lifestyle is where the most dramatic changes can be seen."
The serum comes in frosted glass cylinders and smells exactly how you would imagine skincare should, but that's where the similarities end. Having a thicker consistency than most serums allows this product to be quite moisturizing, but still blend well into the skin. Personally, I found it best to wait a few minutes before applying moisturizer, letting the product absorb so as to avoid any pilling afterward when applying makeup. Mixing little cocktails of Sleep Doctor and Sugar Hit (it's probably the sugar high keeping me from a good night's sleep) made me feel like I was covering my bases and killing two birds with one stone. I won't say that I looked ten years younger overnight, (I'm in my twenties how much younger could I look?) but it did help smooth out some faint lines that I've been fearful will one day turn into full blown wrinkles. The dry, lackluster skin I've had the past week due to several birthday celebrations has been replaced with hydrated, supple skin—and it's glow-y. I won't tell you it's a miracle cream, but if it can rewind a sleepless night and one too many celebratory martinis, then I'm going to need another bottle.
Sin-care is available online and at fine retailers nationwide including Fred Segal and Henri Bendel. Priced at $80.