The 40 Best Things to Eat in Vancouver

Sherman's Food Adventures creates a ‘best of’ guide to Vancouver

Vij's in Vancouver serves wine-marinated lamb popsicles in fenugreek cream curry on turmeric spinach potatoes.

I've never been a fan of lists, especially ranking what are the best restaurants and the best things to eat. After all, food is highly subjective. The fact of the matter is: people have varying tastes and furthermore, each and every restaurant is different. Comparing all of them and suggesting which one is the "best" is quite hard to do. 

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Now, when you separate them into categories, it becomes more representational. But then again, I do admit "best of" lists can be a rough guide. Whether people agree with it or not is another matter. Therefore, it has taken me more than four years of eating and blogging to come up with my personal Top 40 Things to Eat in Vancouver. 

I never felt the need to do a post like this earlier because it was important for me to actually eat every individual item personally. A list based on others is OK, too, but this is my blog and I wanted it to be representational of my own tastes. Yes, it is eerily similar to another list from a local publication. Hey, I'm not going to knock it, they do a good job in what they do. I'm just giving my two cents about the best things to eat from my point-of-view. And yes, this list will change eventually, as I eat more and new things are introduced. So here goes (oh and yes, feel free to disagree because I'll probably disagree with myself once I eat even more things!).


This post originally appeared on the blog Sherman’s Food Adventures.