ScratchTruck: All In for The Dapper Joe

All In for The Dapper Joe

Matt Kornmeyer got the idea to start his Indianapolis food truck after a business trip to Portland, Ore. "I was amazed at the food scene that was there and the crazy food being made in trucks/trailers/carts. I would daydream about finding a way to bring what I saw, smelled, and tasted in Portland to Indianapolis." Three months after that trip, the middle-aged husband and father had his chance, one which, at first, most people might not have seen as an opportunity — he lost his job as operations manager of a packaging company. "I can remember as I was being told I no longer had a job, I was very calm and a strange smile came over my face," Kornmeyer explains on his website. "Here I was, at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. One door was closing, but another one was opening. Since then I have slid all of my chips in the middle and present to you Scratch." The menu at Scratch is straight-up comfort food: burgers, grilled cheese, an upscale Sloppy Joe called "The Dapper Joe," and that prince of all potatoes, poutine. Here's to you Matt, for going all in.

Moving Target! (Downtown)
Indianapolis, IN 46204