Dutch Scientists Invent $320,000 Stem Cell Burger

Staff Writer
Scientists in the Netherlands have created a burger made from cow stem cells

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Dutch scientist and researcher Mark Post has successfully grown hamburger meat at the University of Masstricht in the Netherlands, NBC News is reporting.

The creation, which was funded by a $320,000 donation, is considered to be an alternative for vegetarians who might appreciate meat without murder.

The highly anticipated tasting will take place in front of an audience in London on August 5th, and will go into the science behind the creation.

According to the New York Times, Post thinks the burger tastes “reasonably good,” though this conclusion was made before the addition of animal fat, which was also created in a test tube.

The concept of growing meat in a Petri dish could reduce energy costs by 40 percent; though it’s likely it will take a long time before the product is available for mass consumption.

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Sharon Palmer, a plant-based nutritionist and contributor of Meatless Monday told Clean Plate Charlie that she doubts this will make much of a change in the eating habits of vegetarians, who reject meat for many more reasons than murder.