Japanese Supermarket Celebrates Christmas with Special Santa Sushi

Supermarket’s Santa sushi is a festive way to celebrate Christmas
Santa sushi


A Japanese supermarket is celebrating Christmas with a special tray of Santa-themed sushi that is as cute as it is delicious.

Anyone looking to celebrate Christmas in Japan could do worse than to head over to a local grocery store, where special holiday-themed dishes abound, including one particularly cute tray of Santa-themed sushi that one Twitter user found at a local supermarket.

“Pretty cute,” said a Twitter user going by Morikawa, who posted a photo of the Santa sushi to Twitter.

According to Rocket News 24, Morikawa’s fellow Twitter-users were impressed by the Santa sushi, which appears to have been made of salmon, tuna, and squid pressed on rice to make each piece look like a tiny Santa Claus out of red, white, and orange fish.

“What a great way to eat three different types of sashimi – squid, salmon, tuna,” one Twitter user remarked.

At Morikawa’s supermarket, 20 pieces of the Santa sushi were selling for just 1,980 yen, or $16.36. Several Internet commenters were quick to notice the relatively low price for such a large amount of sushi.

“That’s such a reasonable price for so many pieces of sushi!” another Twitter user remarked.

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Santa sushi has not yet been spotted around the U.S., but from the picture it looks like a reasonably crafty person could assemble a plate of fishy Santas at home with just a  bit of patience and a very sharp knife.